Through Strength And Awareness We Achieve Peace And Clarity!


We practice in Fairfax and we are flexible to suit your needs. We work with any age group. Both private and group session available.

Heath Benefits

Reducing stress and improving relaxation, Improving balance and coordination, Reducing depression, Relieving constipation, Learning to feel and circulate your chi.

Martial Applications

Students with martial enthusiasm are trained as per our curriculum of martial taichi beginning with form, push hands, breathing, pressure points, etc.


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11th Apr 2012

Welcome to Still Water Tai Chi Center !

Through Strength And Awareness We Achieve Peace And Clarity! Thank you for visiting our website. Come join us at Still Water Tai Chi Center. We are located (inside Lead By...

12th Mar 2014
Repulse Monkey

Yang Style Taijiquan Repulse Monkey

) Cheng Man Ch’ing says this posture appears to withdraw but really advances; it seems like a defense but is really and offense. The secret is in the waist. Here...

11th Jan 2014
Mark and Dante demo Two Hand Vertical Circle

Cheng Man-Ching style Two Hand Vertical Circle

Dante Gilmer and Mark Wallace demonstrate a version of the two hand vertical circle exercise from the Cheng Man-Ching style of Tai Chi Chuan.

16th Nov 2013
Quote shot

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Nov 2013